Oásis Azul - Holiday home in the Eastern Algarve

About us

About Sandra (1972):

For years I dreamed of leaving the hectic life of the Netherlands and start living a 'different' life. Being more outdoors, the sun, wonderful, mild winters, more time for each other and particularly being more engaged with life than being lived.

After 5,5 years of running my own yoga studio in Breda and over 15 years of organizing events in the Netherlands, it was time for a change.

We searched a year to find a suitable place and we found it! We are so happy with our spot. Tranquil, with open views and still close to the village and the beach. To us it is a real paradise. 

At this dream location for me it all comes together. My passion for nature, tranquility, the sun, the people, yoga and most of all the desire to experience this with Michiel! To create an oasis together were guests will feel welcome and happy.

An oasis which is centrally situated in the Eastern Algarve from where great day trips can be made, close by beautiful beaches and nature reserve, Ria Formosa.

A spot to relax and to enjoy. It has become a place I would love to go on holiday myself! I therefore feel blessed to live here.

About Michiel (1970):

As a kid I was found outside, in nature, all the time. I enjoyed myself for hours, days, weeks searching for lapwing eggs (which I never found, by the way). Fishing in ditches and searching for insects and birds in the woods. I therefore love living outside. 

For 16 years I have had two pubs and a group activities company in the centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. I also played poker on a regular basis and I used to give poker clinics. I really enjoyed working in the hospitality sector. 

I realised that I was ready for a change, something new and challenging. And I accomplished that with Oásis Azul. It is great to be outside all day, gardening and working in our vegetable garden. To have barbecues and do chores in and around our house. And to enjoy all the beauty the Eastern Algarve offers.

My hospitality heart keeps beating. All these years, hospitality has been the central focus in the pubs and that is also very important for me here. So be welcome!

Oásis Azul | Sandra & Michiel | Eastern-Algarve | Portugal
Oásis Azul | Sandra & Michiel | Eastern-Algarve | Portugal